G. R. Hoelzeman Studios

Liturgical Art, Design, and Consultancy

Our History

G.R.Hoelzeman Studios has been creating liturgical art of creative design and enduring quality since 1989.

George R. Hoelzeman began designing and creating liturgical and devotional objects during his seminary years at St. Joseph Seminary College, St. Benedict, Louisiana (1981-85). After receiving his BA in Religion and History, he pursued graduate studies in Medieval History and Medieval Art History (University of Central Arkansas, University of Arkansas at Little Rock). In 1988 he began a ten year teaching career at Catholic High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. During this time he also worked in the field of statuary restoration and photography. In 1989 he received his first major liturgical commission for the African Way of the Cross, St. Augustine's Catholic Church, North Little Rock, Arkansas. The African Way of the Cross received the prestigious BENE Award in 1991 which introduced Mr. Hoelzeman to the national liturgical art scene. Other awards were soon to follow. In 1999 Mr. Hoelzeman retired from teaching in order to pursue his liturgical work exclusively. He has completed the Institute for Liturgical Consultancy at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago (2003-04).

Mr. Hoelzeman's work is informed by his Benedictine background, extensive knowledge of Medieval art, architecture and liturgy, and years of practical experience as a Director of Liturgy and RCIA catechist. He is a member of the International Center of Medieval Art and the Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space. He has been a sponsor for the Form/Reform conference (Chicago, 2001).